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Integrating your ideas


Profesional and highly secure computing solutions.

Security and scalability

In this digital age, there are more and more reasons that drive a computer criminal to commit a crime. It is estimated that by 2021 the economic impact of cybercrime will exceed 6 trillion dollars annually worldwide.

Develrox takes a step forward and combines different disciplines to identify and prevent weaknesses and security holes in your business, we create timely development, mitigation and correction plans to protect you from Internet threats.

We create and maintain highly scalable and secure applications.

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Consulting and Penetration testing to infrastructure, architecture, source code and gray / black box.

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Complete and customized solutions

Develrox has a range of complete and comprehensive solutions ranging from planning the creation of application solutions to reviewing security and Ethical Hacking certification.

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Reduce costs

Through the timely prevention of computer incidents, it is possible to significantly reduce the costs associated with error correction, reimplementation of solutions, and asset losses in the long and short term. It increases the resources and times of the company significantly.

Improve compliance

Control IT risk to maintain compliance with your company's regulatory requirements. Increase efficiency and save time on ISO certifications corresponding to safety standards.

Increase confidence

Reducing computer incidents increases customer confidence and also the company's equity. Reduce the cost of loyalty in times of recovery of corporate image due to information leaks.